The Kapsia cave is among the most notable ones in Greece. It is located 1.5 km north of the Kapsia village and is a part of the complex sinks of the Mantineia plateau. So far, around 6500 square meters have been explored.

The first person to find the beautiful cave was the French archeologist G. Forger in 1887. The first exploration took place in 1892 by a Greek-French team headed by the county engineer of Arcadia, N. Sideridis. The publication of the study on the cave and the local sinks in the French scientific magazine Spelunca in 1911, made the cave known globally.

In 1974 a new Greek-French mission took place, headed by I. Ioannou and a new part of the cave was discovered. Traces of an old flood were found inside the cave and fragments of several human bones and skulls, covered in mud. Lamps probably belonging to later Hellenic periods (4th and 5th century A.D.) were also found.

In the "Thavmasioi" room one can see the rarest colors of stone materials found in any Greek cave.

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