An important issue archaeologists faced where locating the tomb of Epaminondas who, according to writings, had been buried somewhere in the plains of Mantineia after dying during the battle of Mantineia in 362 B.C., despite being victorious.

Various explorations which took place in the area in the early 20th century by the French School of Archeology were unsuccessful. Recently, in 2002, the mystery was apparently solved after digs in the Marmaraki location, near the ancient Mantineia-Tegeas road and on the road leading today to the village of Louka.

The digs were carried out by the curator of archaeology of Sparta, Dr. I. Th. Spyropoulos and the remains of the tomb were brought to light. The discovery of the tomb was based mainly on the relevant information Pafsanias left in “Arcadika”.

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