This fountain has an inscription and maintains its ancient name "Filippeios Krini", still offering its water for the last 2350 years, making it the oldest hydraulic project in the world still in use!

On a hill in Nestani, at the location today called Ag. Nikolaos, Philip of Macedon who had camped in the area in 338 B.C., constructed the fountain to provide water for his troops...

It still supplies water to the town of Nestani until this day! It has since been altered and repaired but it still runs, and that is what matters...

However, there is also another hydraulic project in Nestani worth mentioning: The communication between its sink and Dini (it is also mentioned by Pafsanias). Holy land of the ancient Arcadians. When Rea gave birth to Poseidon, she left him by a spring, next to a lamb pen, hence the name Arna (from the Greek word "αρνί" - arni, which means lamb). She told Poseidon's father, Cronus, that she did not give birth to a child but to a ... horse! And that is how Poseidon escaped death! (At the Milia village in Mantineia, the ruins of the alter of Ippios Poseidon lie).

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