Evaggelistria Church in Nestani

The church was built in 1840 by the finest architect of that time, Lappas, who later also built the Athens Metropolis. Lappas' headquarters where in Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece.

The lords and captains of the Reveliotis family played an instrumental role in building this revolutionary and historic church, and especially the Russian army general Theodosis Reveliotis (Reveliotof), who sent large amounts of money from Russia to build and complete this rare building.

A lot of selected materials were required to build that very large, at the time, building. Through their own work and using their animals as helpers, the devout Christians decided to complete this labor. Thousands cubic meters of stone arrived from the far away Barmperi (mountain Alisio) at the church's location. They would carry the stone, chisel it and carry it on the scaffold.

The church's foundations are more than 5 meters deep and its walls are over 1.3 meters thick. The timber would be carried from Tripichi (beyond ancient Mantineia). All the people from Nestani (Tsipianites) were volunteers.

Τα Νέα μας

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