The church of Agia Foteini is located exactly across the ancient ruins of Ancient Mantineia, near Tripoli, and was built in 1972. The church is the property of the Association of Mantineia, it is located inside the ancient city and its exterior was completed in 1973.

The church stands out for its original architecture which is a mixture of various styles, from traditional Greek architecture to Byzantine architecture, as well as for its icons which is a reference to the classical ancient times. The temple's yard is decorated with structures inspired by ancient Greece, of a monumental nature. The architect's intention is obviously to combine traditional Greek influences with ancient Greek aesthetics, creating a bridge-continuation between the old, the classic era which is represented here by Ancient Mantineia, and the new, which is the modern Greek architectural tradition.

In the church's foreyard lies an ancient-like structure, Iroon, in honor of all those who fought for their country and came from the Municipal Districts of the Mantineia Municipality. To the west of the church lies Jacob's well, symbolizing the meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan woman.

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